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About The Portrait Guild

The Portrait Guild was set up to collectively represent some of Britain’s top portrait painters to offer their services in a world market.

We have stringent criteria on selection and only select the best artists for inclusion in the services offered by the Guild to potential customers of fine art.

Our strength is in their quality and not in the strength of numbers. We have a collective body of very talented artists and uphold the tradition of Fine Art by only producing artworks that are outstanding in quality and value.

We are always delighted to interview talented artists whose work may be suitable for The Portrait Guild. Any prospective new candidate needs to show they have the skills and work to match the quality of workmanship we would expect from our artists.

Our clients are then guaranteed they will receive only the best artwork and value possible. The quality of any work produced by our artists is very carefully monitored to cater to The Portrait Guild’s high standard. Artists can apply to join by filling in the enquiry form.

The Portrait Guild was conceived and set up by Chris Christoforou and Neil Rigby, who have been friends and colleagues since 1990.

They have successfully worked together on many publishing projects and both understand all aspects of the art business.

Information about joining The Portrait Guild


Chris Christoforou – Co-Founder

Chris Christoforou is a Co-Founder of The Portrait Guild and the Managing Artistic Director.

His experience in this business comes from over 30 years of working in fine art and illustration, publishing, exhibitions, workshops and seminars. He has been handling commissions for artworks and sculptures in all that time and will actively deal with all clients to advise and meet their requirements.

Chris is also a sought after artist in his own right and has gained an international reputation for his fine art paintings, where he has sold artworks at Christie’s and Sotheby’s Art Auctions, and at many exhibitions around the UK and in Dubai. He has collectors of his artwork in Britain, America, Canada, Australia, Spain, Qatar and Dubai.


Neil Rigby – Co-Founder

The internet website is managed by Neil Rigby, a Co-Founder and Technical Director of The Portrait Guild.

He has over ten years experience in web design and marketing businesses on the internet, and also runs EQ MEDIA. Neil is a very experienced Art Director, having worked in publishing since the late 1980s.

Neil manages the enquiries that come via the website and works alongside Chris Christoforou. He has a great deal of knowledge of how internet systems work and all queries regarding the website would be handled by Neil.