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Price List 2013

A guide to the fees of The Portrait Guild


Prices vary according to subject matter, size of artwork and mediums chosen. For example, oils take longer to execute than acrylics and are generally considered more valuable than other types of mediums. The price is also affected by how many subjects are in the composition and if there is a complex background to be included?

Similar details apply to the sculptures we produce. For instance if the subject is complex or there are additional features other than the person to sculpt, this will also affect the overall price.

Prices quoted are a guide for ‘single subject’ un-framed artworks for people portraits, however they should also be used as a guide for pricing other subject matter. Contact us with your requirements for an accurate quotation.

Details required for commissions

Please specify the size of artwork you require or the budget you have to work with. In a painting, do you require a full background or multiple subjects in the composition? Do you have good digital or photographic reference and the copyrights to use the image if it is not your own? It is important for the artists to have as good an image as possible, or several images in the case of sculptures, to work from.

We can arrange to photograph the reference material at a time and place of your choosing within the UK if you prefer. However, this will add to the overall cost on the items. Please enquire for a quotation, as distance and time are major factors in pricing a photo shoot or sitting.

If there is a deadline we need to be informed early, so we can book the commission into the artist’s schedule to complete the work by the date required. In the case of oil paintings, drying time is a factor and framing also has to be calculated into the time if it is required.

Oil paintings

Small oil
Prices from £495

Medium size oils
Prices from £995

Larger oils
Prices from £2,995

Very Large oils
Prices from £7,995

All oil paintings are painted on traditional canvas or gesso panels.

For non-standard sizes in all mediums please contact us for a quotation.

Acrylic paintings

Small acrylic paintings
Prices from £445

Medium size acrylics
Prices from £945

Larger acrylics
Prices from £2,445

Very Large acrylics
Prices from £7,445

All acrylics are painted on the same surfaces as the oil paintings listed.

Pastel paintings

Small pastel paintings
Prices from £445

Medium size pastels
Prices from £945

Larger pastels
Prices from £2,445

Very Large pastels
Prices from £7,445

All full colour pastel paintings are painted with the finest quality pastels and top grade acid free pastel paper.


Small drawings
Prices from £245

Medium drawings
Prices from £495

Larger drawings
Prices from £695

Very large drawings
Prices from £1,995

All prices quoted are for monochrome (single colour) drawings on good quality art paper using fine art Graphite pencils, Charcoals or sepia Conte’. Please specify which medium you prefer.

For full colour drawings using fine art colour pencils, please ask for a quotation. All drawings on paper must be framed behind glass (for protection), with a good quality mount for maximum effect and creativity.


For a ‘life size’ Portrait Bust (head and some shoulders of a person), cast in bronze with a wooden plinth, not including items such as glasses or other complicated features, as a one off sculpture.

Prices from £5,495

For a ‘half size’ Portrait Bust with the same details as above

Prices from £4,495

For multiple castings of the same sculpture, please contact us for a quotation. For other subjects such as animals, the prices are around the same as quoted above if they are within those sizes. For larger or smaller sculptures we can give a quote once we have the details of the commission required.

Standard bronzes as quoted above, would take an approximate 12 weeks to produce if we are able to instruct the foundry for casting early. For more complex or larger pieces we would advise you of the production time. Please inform us of any deadlines so we can book the foundry and artist in time to meet your requirements.

Woodcarving Sculptures

Animal carvings small
Prices from £3,495

Dog Busts carving
Prices from £3,495

Whole Dog carving small
Prices from £3,995

For woodcarvings we need to book the commission into the sculptor’s schedule, therefore we would advise you of the production turnaround time.

Payment terms & conditions

Please read our payment terms and conditions prior to commissioning The Portrait Guild. We are happy to accept a commission on the understanding that you have read and agreed to our payment terms and conditions. Once agreed, we require a non-refundable deposit of 50% to secure the commission. The balance payment is due on completion of the artwork. We will inform you when the balance payment would be due by means of an invoice, either by email or post. When the balance payment has been received and cleared, we will forward the artwork on to you.

Payments can be made by cheque, cash or Paypal. For cheque payments, we will wait for funds to clear before starting any commission and later before forwarding on any artworks. Please make all cheques payable to The Portrait Guild.

Postage, packing and courier delivery fees are charged as a separate cost and are not included in the prices quoted for the artworks.

If you wish to pay by instalments, we can arrange a payment scheme to suit your needs for a small additional percentage to cover administration costs, which will be added to the overall price of the commission.

Please note...

Deposit conditions

In the event of a completed commission being rejected by the client, The Portrait Guild reserves the right to withhold the non-refundable deposit (as stated above), to cover the artist’s fees and administration costs. The Portrait Guild shall also retain the completed painting, drawing or sculpture.

Copyright conditions

All copyrights in the artworks and sculptures remain with the artists under the current copyright laws, unless an agreement is made, for a fee, between the client and the artist’s representatives (The Portrait Guild).